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          French scumbag here
          Oliver Collins Oliver Collins in Miscellaneous
          31 posts
          Redpill me on Charles Manson
          Aiden Long Aiden Long in Politics
          22 posts
          Post games that came out the year you were born
          Liam Cooper Liam Cooper in Video Games
          32 posts
          /swco/ - Star Wars Comics & Cartoons
          Caleb Ortiz Caleb Ortiz in Comics
          48 posts
          Waifu thread
          Landon Fisher Landon Fisher in Miscellaneous
          169 posts
          Well, Cred Forums?
          Charles Lopez Charles Lopez in Video Games
          31 posts
          You are trapped in a room with a female for 1 whole year
          Samuel Ramirez Samuel Ramirez in Miscellaneous
          356 posts
          New Latina and Jewess /celeb/ thread
          Owen Rodriguez Owen Rodriguez in Miscellaneous
          103 posts
          Hey Guys I found your forum from the Homeland episode
          Brody Miller Brody Miller in Politics
          57 posts
          /ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - Holy God please deliver us from the evil of Cali EDITION
          Logan Hernandez Logan Hernandez in Politics
          287 posts
          How do we fix Samus Aran?
          Jaxson Cox Jaxson Cox in Video Games
          44 posts
          Reaction image thread
          Leo Hernandez Leo Hernandez in Miscellaneous
          43 posts
          The power...of Xbox One X
          Carter Fisher Carter Fisher in Video Games
          21 posts
          Are video games art, Cred Forums? Why?
          Brayden Evans Brayden Evans in Video Games
          34 posts
          Levi Bennett Levi Bennett in Television and Film
          27 posts
          Adrian Roberts Adrian Roberts in Television and Film
          24 posts
          Thoughts on Snopes?
          Zachary Allen Zachary Allen in Politics
          21 posts
          Today I start my new job
          Elijah Collins Elijah Collins in Video Games
          32 posts
          Lol look up heroin overdose and all the results are white people
          Daniel Taylor Daniel Taylor in Miscellaneous
          41 posts
          Justin Taylor Justin Taylor in International
          174 posts
          Cred Forums Plays Fire Emblem 3 Book 2
          Lincoln King Lincoln King in Video Games
          25 posts
          Alright point
          Evan Jackson Evan Jackson in Television and Film
          39 posts
          It's a Rick and Morty reference
          Connor Martin Connor Martin in Video Games
          52 posts
          Does anyone have more pictures of Lena Dunham looking absolutely disgusting?
          Jaxson Perez Jaxson Perez in Television and Film
          23 posts
          OH NO NO NO NO
          Carter Sanchez Carter Sanchez in Sports
          33 posts
          And my name, by the way, is Dante
          Matthew Moore Matthew Moore in Video Games
          34 posts
          Hunter x Hunter
          Luis Scott Luis Scott in Anime
          31 posts
          Is Jhon Podesta fucked?
          Charles Rogers Charles Rogers in Politics
          40 posts
          I love how you empathize with D in the beginning of the movie, but you slowly...
          Carson White Carson White in Television and Film
          21 posts
          Persona thread
          Xavier Sullivan Xavier Sullivan in Video Games
          40 posts
          Why are braphogs trying to normalize sniffing farts on Cred Forums?
          Juan Roberts Juan Roberts in Television and Film
          25 posts
          Holy shit, the meme is real
          Adrian Myers Adrian Myers in Politics
          43 posts
          Hunger games
          Aiden Bennett Aiden Bennett in Miscellaneous
          33 posts
          Post your nomination for the next Bond girl
          Brandon Bailey Brandon Bailey in Television and Film
          46 posts
          Holy shit you cant make this shit up
          Kevin Taylor Kevin Taylor in Politics
          29 posts
          Why do the Klingons look so fucking stupid?
          Lincoln Green Lincoln Green in Television and Film
          42 posts
          Syria General /sg/ - Ghouta NOW?
          Jordan Roberts Jordan Roberts in Politics
          52 posts
          Yeah....I'm thinking he's back
          Owen Hughes Owen Hughes in Television and Film
          24 posts
          My girlfriend on the right and her best friend on the left
          Thomas Robinson Thomas Robinson in Miscellaneous
          29 posts
          Waifu thread
          Austin Roberts Austin Roberts in Miscellaneous
          153 posts
          Cred Forumsidya Drawthread
          Robert Wright Robert Wright in Video Games
          86 posts
          Why is he smiling? why is this white guy so happy seeing a white woman breeding...
          Gabriel Moore Gabriel Moore in Politics
          28 posts
          Men are all broken and need their guns removed before they hurt anyone else
          Jason Thomas Jason Thomas in Politics
          24 posts
          Album art with inverted colors
          Adam Mitchell Adam Mitchell in Music
          29 posts
          My ex because she a bitch
          Jayden Rogers Jayden Rogers in Miscellaneous
          34 posts
          Roll trips and I’ll dump all of her
          Kevin Bennett Kevin Bennett in Miscellaneous
          69 posts
          Trips says what I do
          Charles Foster Charles Foster in Miscellaneous
          21 posts
          Far-right extremists march in Sofia to honor pro-Nazi general
          Jayden Torres Jayden Torres in Politics
          30 posts
          /bb/ Celebrity Big Brother
          Easton Brooks Easton Brooks in Television and Film
          110 posts
          Drug thread
          Isaac Reyes Isaac Reyes in Miscellaneous
          21 posts
          Race War just fucking started
          Ryan Gonzalez Ryan Gonzalez in Politics
          50 posts
          FB/IG sluts
          Justin King Justin King in Miscellaneous
          202 posts
          Finnish music
          Nicholas Wilson Nicholas Wilson in International
          26 posts
          No loli thread Cred Forums?
          Lincoln Gonzalez Lincoln Gonzalez in Miscellaneous
          91 posts
          DEFEND THIS
          Bentley Smith Bentley Smith in Video Games
          127 posts
          /ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL - Magyars and Kansas EDITION
          Charles Hernandez Charles Hernandez in Politics
          322 posts
          Where is Q
          Asher Bell Asher Bell in Politics
          45 posts
          Be me
          Ethan Smith Ethan Smith in Miscellaneous
          57 posts
          Would you have a romantic relationship (gf/wife) with a porn star pol?
          Hunter Ross Hunter Ross in Politics
          21 posts
          Get Roulette
          Austin Garcia Austin Garcia in Miscellaneous
          34 posts
          DNC "hack" was a guy on the inside with a USB stick
          Matthew Lewis Matthew Lewis in Politics
          30 posts
          Has an anime ever made you cry Cred Forums?
          Aaron Green Aaron Green in Anime
          45 posts
          /wt/ - Shitter Free Zone Edition
          Camden Young Camden Young in Technology
          36 posts
          Ask a man who kidnaps girls and turns them into my sex slaves anything
          Aiden Ward Aiden Ward in Miscellaneous
          40 posts
          New celeb thread- Latinas and Jewesses preferred
          Ethan Rivera Ethan Rivera in Miscellaneous
          226 posts
          KPOP GENERAL
          Owen Nelson Owen Nelson in Music
          254 posts
          What if....
          Samuel Gutierrez Samuel Gutierrez in Politics
          22 posts
          Why is WoW so fucking empty now?
          Adam Gutierrez Adam Gutierrez in Video Games
          54 posts
          Schizophrenic woman who was released from jail after 15 months goes on 4 day YouTube rant
          Colton Moore Colton Moore in Politics
          68 posts
          /IBS/ Internet Blood Sports
          Asher Jenkins Asher Jenkins in Politics
          230 posts
          What happened to her?
          Daniel Edwards Daniel Edwards in Miscellaneous
          27 posts
          What's the point of discussing videogames online?
          Wyatt Gutierrez Wyatt Gutierrez in Video Games
          64 posts
          A-are they onto us?
          Luke Powell Luke Powell in Politics
          27 posts
          What do?
          Connor Carter Connor Carter in Politics
          24 posts
          This stuff doesn't add very much to my experience in these games
          Angel Ortiz Angel Ortiz in Video Games
          34 posts
          Pic is mount rainier
          Jack Gomez Jack Gomez in International
          44 posts
          This sounds amazing while high
          Austin Russell Austin Russell in Music
          41 posts
          TAKE THAT TRUMP!!!
          Ryder Gonzalez Ryder Gonzalez in Politics
          70 posts
          How has your Job Helped you Become Redpilled?
          Jaxon Bennett Jaxon Bennett in Politics
          118 posts
          You may not realize it, but Black Panther basically opened the door for Kraven...
          Parker Flores Parker Flores in Comics
          21 posts
          Slavery was awful Cred Forums.
          John Garcia John Garcia in Politics
          27 posts
          Waifu thread
          Jayden Sanchez Jayden Sanchez in Miscellaneous
          158 posts
          Cred Forums has seceded from the planet, dubs decide new laws and trips override...
          Aaron Reyes Aaron Reyes in Miscellaneous
          73 posts
          You wake up in the world of fallout 1
          Evan Davis Evan Davis in Video Games
          75 posts
          The USA is one giant shithole
          Logan Harris Logan Harris in Politics
          33 posts
          Wtf France??
          Joshua Gray Joshua Gray in International
          61 posts
          Dullest Franchise
          Wyatt Wood Wyatt Wood in Television and Film
          37 posts
          Anyone have the full vid of the figure skater losing her top at the Olympics?
          Isaiah Reyes Isaiah Reyes in Miscellaneous
          24 posts
          Blake Brown Blake Brown in Television and Film
          26 posts
          Quick somebody disprove this
          Luke Gutierrez Luke Gutierrez in Politics
          47 posts
          Why does mu/ respect bjork more than grimes when the latter is far more...
          Cooper Phillips Cooper Phillips in Music
          37 posts
          Matthew Lewis Matthew Lewis in Comics
          64 posts
          How do Indian men feel when they see their women with white men?
          Isaac Long Isaac Long in International
          23 posts
          Cringe thread
          Eli Thompson Eli Thompson in Miscellaneous
          28 posts
          School Shooting Survivor Turned Activist's Father Was In FBI, Coached On Anti-Trump Lines
          Owen Ross Owen Ross in Politics
          55 posts
          What does Cred Forums think of Sam "Serious" Stone?
          Gabriel Flores Gabriel Flores in Video Games
          25 posts
          Female Degeneracy General
          Brayden Lee Brayden Lee in Politics
          62 posts
          Ask me anything
          Jaxon Taylor Jaxon Taylor in Miscellaneous
          285 posts
          Freestyle women's halfpipe finals
          Isaac Wood Isaac Wood in Sports
          274 posts
          So JJ defends Rian's Last Jedi choices about killing Snoke and killing Luke?
          Owen Fisher Owen Fisher in Television and Film
          21 posts